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Major Accomplishments for Clients

E Green Technologies
Aquarius Group designed and executed the 2010 rollout of the world's largest Airship, featured on CNN and ABC World Sports during the World Cup. Large audiences watched the roll out on several other mainstream media markets,and digital media, YouTube™, and Internet social sites.

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Rocket Racing League, Inc.
Aquarius Group designed and executed all media strategies and event preparation and coordination for the 2010 debut of the Rocket Racing League at the Tulsa Air and Rocket Racing Show. We coordinated live coverage of the air flights and use of simulators, which attracted 25,000 fans onsite and 25,000 fans on the live webcast show, including multiple hits on social media sites and mainstream press.

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Zayed Future Energy Prize

Aquarius Group is designing and executing the communications awareness campaign for the 2012 Zayed Future Energy Prize of Abu Dhabi, the world's preeminent prize for renewable energy and sustainability. We are using our global network in London,Munich, Beijing and within the UAE to bring global awareness to international competition.

X PRIZE Foundation
Aquarius Group served as the X PRIZE liaison to the White House and Office of Science & Technology Policy, US Congress, DOE, and other Federal Agenciesin 2010 to help develop prizes and challenges. In 2010, we rolled out and promoted the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Challenge, arranging for the  Press Conference at the National Press Club, a live web cast, and all video production and a full publicity campaign. From 2003-2005, as Federal City Communications, we generated more than 6 billion media impressions for the ANSARI X PRIZE event in 2004, which was the second most publicized story in the mainstream and digital media worldwide.

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IMAX™ Corporation
Aquarius Group (as Federal City Communications) designed and implemented public relations and advertising campaigns, along with education and community programs to introduce IMAX Space Station 3D and Destiny in Space IMAX films. Our red carpet press debut included the film's narrator, Tom Cruise, at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Erik Lindbergh's Solo Flight Across the Atlantic
Aquarius Group designed and implemented the media campaign for Erik Lindbergh's recreation of his grandfather's solo flight across the Atlantic in 2002. We orchestrated flight and personal coverage by all major networks worldwide with press conferences in San Diego, St. Louis, New York, and Parist. We were also were consultants for the documentary film on Erik Lindbergh for The History Channel that same year.

BT Broadcast Services
Aquarius Group developed and executied that public relations campaign to open BT Broadcast Services facilities in the United States, helping the company publicize their fiber, satellite and video offerings to sports, news and entertainment clients within the US.

Motorola, Inc. /Iridium Inc.
Aquarius Group conducted large a public relations campaign to introduce Motorola's Iridium Satellite Phone, which positioned the company to generate $7 billion in investments. We arranged for the first Iridium Satellite model to be displayed in the National Air and Space Museum.

Army Times Publishing: Defense News & Space News
Aquarius Group introduced Defense News and Space News into the Washington decision-making market and sustained public relations for eight years. Today, these are the two top trade publications in aerospace.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Aquarius Group supported the plan to reorganize NATO's press office in Brussels. Beginning in 1993, we organized and managed the first US media tour for a NATO Secretary General, supporting the expansion of NATO and the "Partnership for Peace" initiative.

Landmine Survivors Network
Aquarius Group produced films and live events for the Landmine Survivors Network to demonstrate the tragedy of landmines worldwide. We organized White House and congressional media events, which became the lead story in all media worldwide on the day of the event.

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